After SO MANY MONTHS of financial troubles and personal issues, after so so soooo much stress, and then after waiting for things to really get better for real, I can finally commit myself to drawing comics and things again! Yay!

I am really excited to get back to this again for you guys <3 Thanks so much for those who have stuck around and waited all this time, you’re all the best!

I WILL backdate the comic, but since I can not do a years worth of dailies in a reasonable amount of time, I set a more reasonable goal and it will backdate as bi-weekly comics. This way I can still draw the ideas I have been putting aside for months, and share what has been happening for all this time with you guys.

I did consider a time skip to present time, but I wouldn’t be happy skipping over so much of my life when I have already been sharing this much with everyone.

I have gone through scripts and dates and will start updating comics again starting Friday, to give myself some time to at least sketch and maybe ink a few comics as a buffer.

In other news, I plan on doing more art and great things soon. I have just received a new Wacom Intuos Pro tablet that I ordered a week ago, and I am LOVING it! I can’t wait to see what I can learn with this tablet and improve on so many things~

If you want to quick way to keep in touch with me anytime:HTTP://TWITTER.COM/KITAANGEL/